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Recent Paywalls

RepLN Paywall LinkAmount (sats)ClicksUnlocks
Btc gambling! 1500120
The most amazing ass you have ever seen in your life!190061
Loli content..New photo/movie for each payment. 2000270
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You can listen to the seventh episode of the Lightning Junkies podcast with Giacomo Zucco here. You can always bypass this by going to but I appreciate any contribution!2500322
HypeCoinNews: Мониторинг разработки криптовалютных проектов (2019)2500150
HypeCoinNews: Мониторинг разработки криптовалютных проектов (2019)2500230
Meet the creator of Paywall.link250000
The most amazing ass you've EVER seen!250010
Listen to the eighth episode of the Lightning Junkies podcast. You can bypass this paywall by going to but I'd really love if you could support the podcast by paying a small handful of sats!250051
Look how I bang my wife :D250090
Tether и Стрейзанд Эффект2500544
My skinny girlfriend is doing yoga and her ass pops out2500151
Oh my god, you will die for THIS ASS250020
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'Can't Be Evil' Women's App Development Contest Webinar500080
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I helped my coworker understand Lightning, this is what she did in retun :05000100
Robot vs Bankers5000383
Asia outlook forecast5000190
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Когда мой день рождения5000560
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Crypto Words // October 2018 Bitcoin Journal5000291
Satoshi Break Out500020
Европейские банки и август в Биткоине, почему это может быть важно для открытия позиции на рынке (
Цена на Биткоин: ближнесрочная перспектива5000838
SmartCustody Risk Assessment Framework, Google Spreadsheet link5000502
Try Out Paywall.link6102563

What is Paywall.Link?

Paywall.Link is an experiment in micropayments for content. It is our theory that the future of the internet will be filled with usage based small payments instead of ads and unwanted subscriptions. The Lightning Network brings the power to the individual business-person to monetize their content in new ways.

Why Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network is built on top of the Bitcoin network. Fees are low, payments are fast, privacy is retained, and transactions are final.

Paywall Wallet

The Paywall Wallet is a custodial Lightning web wallet that holds the funds you receive from your paywalls. You can send from this wallet just like any other wallet. To receive funds simply create a paywall link and send it!