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Help buy water for hangover10000150
Help buy me a beer10000370
цвяточек (развидеть)10130
One of the funniest moments in Bitcoin History 51997
Trippki Hotels, Accepting Lightning Network for 1.6 Million Hotels0470
Thanks for the donation!05338
連続Web小説 「コムロッド」第1話~3話一挙配信 【顔面アウトの激安有料コンテンツ】1000740
Listen to the eighth episode of the Lightning Junkies podcast. You can bypass this paywall by going to but I'd really love if you could support the podcast by paying a small handful of sats!2500181
WORDS February 2018 Journal PDF [Download]0320
WORDS March 2018 Journal PDF [Download]0220
WORDS April 2018 Journal PDF [Download]0200
WORDS June 2018 Journal PDF [Download]0161
WORDS May 2018 Journal PDF [Download]0540
WORDS July 2018 Journal PDF [Download]0181
WORDS August 2018 Journal PDF [Download]0491
WORDS September 2018 Journal PDF [Download]0131
WORDS October 2018 Journal PDF [Download]0211
WORDS December 2018 Journal PDF [Download]0802
WORDS November 2018 Journal PDF [Download]0581
WORDS January 2019 Journal PDF [Download]0542
Lightning Speed Test for Joe S20000361
WORDS April 2019 Journal PDF [Download]0182
WORDS February 2019 Journal PDF [Download]0181
WORDS March 2019 Journal PDF [Download]0171
Looking for some nice classical music? Click here :)500502
WORDS May 2019 Journal PDF [Download]0460
WORDS June 2019 Journal PDF [Download]0170
WORDS July 2019 Journal PDF [Download]0200
WORDS August 2019 Journal PDF [Download]0210
Just as network effects can dramatically increase value through positive feedback, value can be lost as networks shrink due to competition or incompatibility.100381
WORDS September 2019 Journal PDF [Download]0460
WORDS October 2019 Journal PDF [Download]04543
WORDS September 2019 Journal PDF [Download]10334
Bitcoin's Layers Explained2501319
What a great Lapp! 10023415
WORDS September 2019 Journal PDF [Download]10000130
2019 Bitcoin Fundamentals, Papers, Reports, Analysis, Austrian Economics1000150
The most amazing ass you've EVER seen!2500450