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  • Customize access limits
  • Integrate LN invoice/QR natively in your products

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"Bitcoin as Base Money" Matthew Mežinskis250332
This is Stoicism not in its popularised sense (the grin-and-bear-it ideology of Victorian public schools) but as self-empowerment through reasoned deliberation.250101
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'"50 Positive Catalysts on Bitcoin's Horizon" Murad Mahmudov presentation at Baltic Honeybadger 2019 Day 1'250110
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Nobody will ever see this100030
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bitcoin whitepaper100000100
Klimabetrug aufgeflogen: Gericht urteilt gegen „Klimapapst“ Michael Mann100050
Klimawandel vor Gericht entlarvt100030
If you gave me 10 sats, I'd look like this . . . . . 1060

What is Paywall.Link?

Paywall.Link is an experiment in micropayments for content. It is our theory that the future of the internet will be filled with usage based small payments instead of ads and unwanted subscriptions. The Lightning Network brings the power to the individual business-person to monetize their content in new ways.

Why Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network is built on top of the Bitcoin network. Fees are low, payments are fast, privacy is retained, and transactions are final.

Paywall Wallet

The Paywall Wallet is a custodial Lightning web wallet that holds the funds you receive from your paywalls. You can send from this wallet just like any other wallet. To receive funds simply create a paywall link and send it!