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Help buy water for hangover10000450
Help buy me a beer10000580
WORDS February 2019 Journal PDF [Download]0753
цвяточек (развидеть)10440
Trippki Hotels, Accepting Lightning Network for 1.6 Million Hotels0730
One of the funniest moments in Bitcoin History 52327
WORDS February 2018 Journal PDF [Download]0720
WORDS March 2018 Journal PDF [Download]0590
WORDS April 2018 Journal PDF [Download]0530
WORDS June 2018 Journal PDF [Download]0461
WORDS May 2018 Journal PDF [Download]0860
WORDS July 2018 Journal PDF [Download]0571
WORDS August 2018 Journal PDF [Download]0841
WORDS September 2018 Journal PDF [Download]0421
Thanks for the donation!05588
Listen to the eighth episode of the Lightning Junkies podcast. You can bypass this paywall by going to but I'd really love if you could support the podcast by paying a small handful of sats!2500391
WORDS October 2018 Journal PDF [Download]0641
WORDS December 2018 Journal PDF [Download]01182
WORDS November 2018 Journal PDF [Download]0891
WORDS January 2019 Journal PDF [Download]01173
WORDS April 2019 Journal PDF [Download]0533
WORDS March 2019 Journal PDF [Download]0472
WORDS May 2019 Journal PDF [Download]0911
WORDS June 2019 Journal PDF [Download]0541
WORDS July 2019 Journal PDF [Download]0501
Looking for some nice classical music? Click here :)500692
WORDS August 2019 Journal PDF [Download]0551
Just as network effects can dramatically increase value through positive feedback, value can be lost as networks shrink due to competition or incompatibility.100781
WORDS September 2019 Journal PDF [Download]01441
WORDS October 2019 Journal PDF [Download]04873
WORDS September 2019 Journal PDF [Download]10664
WORDS September 2019 Journal PDF [Download]10000410
2019 Bitcoin Fundamentals, Papers, Reports, Analysis, Austrian Economics1000440
The most amazing ass you've EVER seen!2500740
Girl shows tits after she gets paid with Lightning5000860
A very affordable Paywall to play chess. No scam and just 1000 sats!1000680
Meet the creator of Paywall.link2500370
Lightning Speed Test for Joe S20000651
Lightning Money Information Map7432