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Recent Paywalls

RepLN Paywall LinkAmount (sats)ClicksUnlocks
The Unapologetic Case For Bullshit546130
Pay for Google777101
Pay for Google77750
Nobody will ever see this100030
Lightning Kaffee1000290
Разбираем TON Whitepaper, часть 11000212
Разбираем TON Whitepaper, часть 21000161
Salud Sats: The only reason to spend Bitcoin, is on your salud. Sample Health Action Plan: Posture - Why Posture Matters. (
Salud Sats: The only reason to spend Bitcoin, is on your salud. Sample Health Action Plan: Sleep - How much is enough? (
Link to Crypto Words Financial Journal1000433
Грошовый обзор #4: Грин, Биткоин не оглядывается, и почему вы не хотели бы иметь стейблкоины в холодном хранении1000195
2019 Bitcoin Financial Journal with 25 models and indicators for on and off chain analysis.100018510
Crypto Words Bitcoin Journal / July 20191000390
Get a fun “hello, hello” ringtone100041
Serials and Keys for your softwares1000160
Free Adult Movies1000150
Lightning Network explained 1000161
A very affordable Paywall to play chess. No scam and just 1000 sats!100000
2019 Bitcoin Fundamentals, Papers, Reports, Analysis, Austrian Economics100010
Celebrity Nudes from the 90ies1000111
My ex-girlfriend at the pool 1000111
Bitfinex, Tether и 850 миллионов долларов (безлимитный доступ)100025614
BTC Price1000493
Privacy News1000280
Грошовый обзор HCN #11000194
連続Web小説 「コムロッド」第1話~3話一挙配信 【顔面アウトの激安有料コンテンツ】1000110
Privacy News1000430
Сколько мне лет1000891
6K USD in BTC prizes, free to join trading competition! Testnet BTC1000552
Get free Channel with high capacity100050
Get another free Lightning Channel with high capacity100030
I love BTC but I'm poor. Help me buy Raspberry so I can run full node and give something back to network. :D100030
Грошовый обзор #21000265
private photos from my beach trip1000492
Chernobyl HBO (rename .txt to .torrent)1000992
A Hamish MacEwan work 100090
Read Carefully, HODL will save us1000591
HypeCoinNews: 8 токенов PricewaterhouseCoopers1000673

What is Paywall.Link?

Paywall.Link is an experiment in micropayments for content. It is our theory that the future of the internet will be filled with usage based small payments instead of ads and unwanted subscriptions. The Lightning Network brings the power to the individual business-person to monetize their content in new ways.

Why Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network is built on top of the Bitcoin network. Fees are low, payments are fast, privacy is retained, and transactions are final.

Paywall Wallet

The Paywall Wallet is a custodial Lightning web wallet that holds the funds you receive from your paywalls. You can send from this wallet just like any other wallet. To receive funds simply create a paywall link and send it!