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Recent Paywalls

RepLN Paywall LinkAmount (sats)ClicksUnlocks
Lnd intro1000000210
lntxbot developers telegram400000561
Lol Andrew you need to pay access google400540
Lol test10490
Loli content..New photo/movie for each payment. 2000270
Look how I bang my wife :D250090
Looking for some nice classical music? Click here :)50042
Lots of food during Manila Build Day 2019!1337483
Low priced cryptocurrency1000000130
Lustiges Foto1103
Mazinger Z Infinity 2017 720p BluRay x264100410
Meet the creator of Paywall.link250000
Meet the creator of Paywall.link2000152
Minecraft Mod1101
Must see classic newgrounds video200165
My ex-girlfriend at the pool 1000111
My girlfriend in Bikini500110
My nudes 1000326
My skinny girlfriend is doing yoga and her ass pops out2500151
My Talk at Microsoft - Richard Stallman1337481
My teen girlfriend bought pink lingerie and she wants to show how sexy she looks250040
new and exciting service for discreet voyeur or exhibitionist we welcome your feedback as we are still learning how to please you5521
new computer10030
New Xchange LN to Onchain100343
NIKO VC - Knowledge Gap100000520
NIKO VC - Reference Material (Knowledge Gap)200758
NIKO VC is a platform that focuses on understanding emerging technologies and discovering their disruptive potential for future innovation.1500462
NLW's tweet for Eric and Brady1132
Nobody will ever see this100030
Nord Vpn20350
Northpole Open For Christmas - 2015100572
ObiWan Kenobit on the Citizen Bitcoin podacst. 200110
Octobre 1214
Oh my god, you will die for THIS ASS250020
One of the funniest moments in Bitcoin History 5546
One step closer to knowing the best way to stack sats in 2020300246
original HODL meme150243
Party people click here 20000180
Pay 1 Satoshi to see how many people paid 1 Satoshi1133
Pay 50 sat paywall to see the description of my paywall5082
Pay for Google777101
Pay for Google77740
Pay Get, Knowledge Gap 200421
Pay me to pay me0182
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Payment Kaffee12345711

What is Paywall.Link?

Paywall.Link is an experiment in micropayments for content. It is our theory that the future of the internet will be filled with usage based small payments instead of ads and unwanted subscriptions. The Lightning Network brings the power to the individual business-person to monetize their content in new ways.

Why Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network is built on top of the Bitcoin network. Fees are low, payments are fast, privacy is retained, and transactions are final.

Paywall Wallet

The Paywall Wallet is a custodial Lightning web wallet that holds the funds you receive from your paywalls. You can send from this wallet just like any other wallet. To receive funds simply create a paywall link and send it!