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Recent Paywalls

RepLN Paywall LinkAmount (sats)ClicksUnlocks
Tales from the Crypt #98 Carla Kirk-Cohen2501552
The first one to redeem will receive 1k sat!1001634
Tip me if I made you laugh2001668
This is Stoicism not in its popularised sense (the grin-and-bear-it ideology of Victorian public schools) but as self-empowerment through reasoned deliberation.2501301
"How it changed."2501271
Carla Kirk-Cohen2501272
One step closer to knowing the best way to stack sats in 20203001196
Разбираем TON Whitepaper, часть 110001272
BAT Review (paid)1992000
@katherineykwu: The 100+ page Annotated Guide to Kik's answer to the SEC's complaint01993
HypeCoinNews: ФРС анонсировал криптовалюту FedNow25002035
A Newer Business Model01541
"Bitcoin as Base Money" Matthew Mežinskis2501222
Разбираем TON Whitepaper, часть 210001661
'"50 Positive Catalysts on Bitcoin's Horizon" Murad Mahmudov presentation at Baltic Honeybadger 2019 Day 1'2501370
Random wiki article151053
Awesome Lightning Network project!501072
SasquatchMuscle giving away 6 sats61465
Child Support Contract100001030
Pay me to pay me01462
Claim 1 x Bitcoin Gift Voucher via here (early bird catches the sats)501474
Interesting video2001731
Must see classic newgrounds video2001135
Nobody will ever see this1000850
First website ever created3001290
Earn sats by viewing ads2001101
Get free Channel with high capacity1000821
Swedish kid speaking Spanish2001100
Sell me something weird or confusing 10001360
original HODL meme1501573
Usless webside1000930
Klimamärchen aufgedeckt-Warum schmelzen die Gletscher10001190
bitcoin whitepaper1000001510
Klimabetrug aufgeflogen: Gericht urteilt gegen „Klimapapst“ Michael Mann10001370
Pay 1 Satoshi to see how many people paid 1 Satoshi11194
Klimawandel vor Gericht entlarvt10001130
The Witness 100% in 2:15:57250922
If you gave me 10 sats, I'd look like this . . . . . 101161
Abgezockt! Die Immobiliengeschäfte der S&K-Gruppe500971
The Improving Laundering Laws and Increasing Comprehensive Information Tracking of Criminal Activity in Shell Holdings (ILLICIT CASH) Act is one legislative initiative under consideration that would ban anonymous companies2501430
Rare Shemale Selfsuck (SS1) [セルフフェラ]10001320
the Portugal banknote crisis of 1924103931
satoshis what are your unpopular opinions about Bitcoin?101240
Sealed memos fought over in federal court last week show authorities have known for years that claims about Backpage were bogus.2501051
The Unapologetic Case For Bullshit5461170
Kniha "Továrna na skořápky" uvnitř které je skrytá hádanka směřující k odměně ve výši 14000czk v btc.50000930
Kniha "Továrna na skořápky" ( uvnitř které je skrytá hádanka směřující k odměně ve výši 14000czk v btc.10000900