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  • Bitcoin’s natural long-term power-law corridor of growth
    • New indicator? Yes please.
  • Bitcoin, Not Blockchain
    • This times 1000. Parker absolutely kills it.
  • Mainstream Media of Exchange
    • Takes MoE argument, puts it in a pipe, and lights it up.
  • Tweetstorm: 21 Charts
    • Hans is the man, and these charts support that claim!
  • Floor on Bitcoin’s risk less interest rate
    • I am glad Tamas is thinking these things through. As markets develop this will continue to be a topic of conversation.
  • The Encrypted Meaning of Crypto
    • This guy needs to write a book, his catalog is amazing
  • Tweetstorm: How do you know it’s not too late to buy Bitcoin now?
    • Do you need more proof?
  • Bitcoin Astronomy
    • This is one of my favorite reads of the year.
  • Discovering Bitcoin: A Brief Overview From Cavemen to the Lightning Network
    • Giacommo kills it with this 7 part series
  • Discovering Bitcoin Part 1: About Time
  • Discovering Bitcoin Part 2: About People
  • Discovering Bitcoin Part 3: Introducing Money
  • Discovering Bitcoin Part 4: A Wrong Turn (New Plan Needed)!
  • Discovering Bitcoin Part 5: Digital Scarcity
  • Discovering Bitcoin Part 6: Digital Contracts
  • Discovering Bitcoin Part 7: The Missing Pieces
  • Tweetstorm: How to Outperform Bitcoin
    • Something to think about if you're institutional and serious about active management
  • Bitcoin’s power oscillator
    • A new indicator that looks strong, will be added to the financial journal
  • A Note On Variance in Bitcoin Mining
    • Addresses the weird block time we saw at the end of the month
  • Envisioning LSPs in the Lightning Economy
    • Very cool read into the future of LN
  • Bitcoin is Not Backed by Nothing
    • This clicked on so many levels. If you need a little extra confidence in destroying FUD, read this.
  • Tweetstorm: We’ve Built Intermediaries
    • One of our Queens absolutely bringing fire and truth with this tweetsstorm.

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